The Best Security Fence

The Best Security Fence

The Best Security Fencing

What is the best fence for security?

This is a question we get asked often here at Perimifence and it is a hard question to answer as there are different types of security fencing for different purposes, styles and aesthetics. It is also dependant on what you are protecting, is it your backyard or a high-value warehouse? In this article, we will attempt to answer this question to the best of our ability.

What options are available?

We need to ask ourselves how much additional protection we need for our perimeter in order to establish what the best fence application for security is. There are a variety of additional options available for certain fencing, for example; when installing clear view fence we are able to add electric fencing, multi spikes, maxi spikes, shear of bolts and anti-tamper screws. We are even able to reduce the size of apertures within the fence to make it anti-cut and anti-climb!

Whereas your traditional palisade fencing does not offer these additional add-ons, the most you will be able to do is get sharper spikes and change the colour. In terms of security options, there is no better than a clear view.


This is a subjective topic as everyone’s premises is different and everyone has a different idea of what looks good. Obviously, security is the most important factor but you still want a fence that will compliment your properties style and design. Nearly every fence has some form of style; here are a few options depending on your needs:

  • Vinyl Fencing
  • Palisade Fencing
  • Wrought Iron Fencing
  • Clear view fencing
  • Chain link fence
  • Razor Coil Fencing

Due to the fact that we are a clear view supplier we are going to say that our fence offers the best style, let us tell you why. Firstly you can get the fence in any colour your heart desires, it will be galvanised as well. Secondly, the fence is see-through so it matches nearly every style and design of your premises. Lastly, you can choose your apertures size on the fence which gives you total freedom on how you want it to look. Perimi Fence also offers appealing gates to match the rest of your premises so you won’t have to find two separate suppliers to install a gate on your property.


It all comes down to what you desire in terms of style and security options but our recommendation will always be our invisible clear view fence!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for additional content.

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