Clearview Fence Is Better Than The Rest

Clearview Fence Is Better Than The Rest

Have you ever wanted a fence that’s extremely reliable, weather-resistant and keeps criminals out? Well, PerimiFence has what you are looking for, we specialize in Clearview fencing solutions for you and your business premises. If you want the best, Clear view is the only way to go.

Clear view fencing has a multitude of different uses. The first and primary use is that it is a good deterrent to people trying to get into your premises illegally, this is because the fence is made with small apertures in-between the steel wires of the fence. This makes the fencing anti-climb and anti-cut as would-be criminals cannot insert their tools or fingers into the fence itself. The fence is also built with anti-tamper nuts and bolts to ensure they cannot be undone or taken apart. We also have a variety of different multi and maxi spike options which will sit atop the fencing.

Clearview fencing is also designed to be CCTV-optimised. We know how frustrating it can be to monitor the perimeter of a large complex or office park, but with PerimiFence you are able to see through the fencing which provides a complete view of all surroundings.

The fence itself is extremely aesthetically pleasing, we design our fencing so that it matches the exterior design of your premises. No more ugly palisades or chain-link fences, with Clear view you get all the benefits that another fencing provides but none of the negatives.

The wonderful thing about this particular type of fencing is that it is discreet and unobtrusive, it blends into its surroundings. The material used for the fencing is also of the highest quality and is SABS approved, the fence is made from galvanized steel wiring.

Our fencing comes with a variety of different coating options, these include galvanized, polyester powder, coastal fusion bond and PVC. Each unique coating option has its own range of benefits, for example, our coastal fusion bond is made to protect fencing that is erected down by the coast and there is much erosion. Polyester powder on the other hand makes the fence extremely durable against the elements. Call us if you want to know more about our various coating addons.

Depending on your needs, such as security level and desired features we custom manufacture the Clear view fencing. For example, If you require premium security we will make the apertures within the fencing closer together to make it harder to climb as well as at a greater height with multi or maxi spikes.

In conclusion, Clearview fencing is the future, and if you need perimeter security you are missing out by not going with PerimiFence. Call us today for your free quotation.

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